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A little story about us

Agri Infra enjoys a smooth ride in a growing market where the demand for civil construction & Pre- Engineering Building (PEB) is on the increase. An overview of the growth story.

For us, excellence is not an achievement but a continuous ongoing process," says Agri Infra Services, a quality designer, and manufacturer of industrial engineering application. Perhaps, it is this single- minded focus on quality that has helped Agri Infra climb heights.

With the demand for refrigeration industry rising in a fast-growing nation like India. That will definitely provide growth opportunities for a company like Agri Infra which is stepping up scale in the local as well as the export market.
The portfolio comprises turnkey solutions for: l Civil Construction l Pre-Engineering Building (PEB) l Agri Commodity Storage /Trading l Steel Supplier

Basic Difference in

Storage Technology

Present conventional storage system

Traditional masonry construction technology with multi floor design is used to construct the insulated building.
In this storage system only temperature is controlled.
Profile of temperature within chamber is varied from 1.5 to 2 degree Celsius.

The technology provided by Agri Infra Services for civil construction & PEB

Modern construction techniques with PUF insulated PEB structure is used to construct the energy efficient insulated building.
In this storage system apart from temperature, humidity (High/Low), carbon dioxide, oxygen, ethylene and air circulation within the product is controlled
Uniform temperature is maintained throughout the chamber. The temperature difference between the products is as minimum as 0.5 degree Celsius.