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We provides superior load-bearing support and is widely used in the construction industry

Mild Steel Beam

Our offered Mild Steel Beam provides superior load-bearing support and has a variety of applications in the construction industry. They also support frames and columns for trolley ways, lifts and hoist with availability in a variety of standard sizes.


• Exhibits high strength
• Surface resistant to atmospheric corrosion when it is exposed to the external environment
• Reliable performance


• Transmission line towers
• E.O.T. cranes
• Material handling equipments


• Material: Mild Steel
• Grade:- IS: 2062

Product Range:

150x75 200x100 250x125 300x150
300x140 350x140 400x140 450x150
500x180 600x210

Chemical Composition:

Chemistry Unit IS 2062, Fe 410W A
Carbon % 0.23 Max
Manganese % 1.50 Max
Sulphures % 0.045 Max
Phosphorus % 0.045 Max
Carbon Equivalent % 0.42

Mechanical Properties:

Mechanical Properties Unit Dia/Thickness (mm) IS 2062, Fe 410W a
Yield Stress N/mm2 <20 250 min
20-40 240 min
>40 230 min
Tensile Strength N/mm2
410 min
Elongation % 23 min 24 min

Additional Information:

Item Code: IS2062